Oglethorpe’s interdisciplinary public health concentration

In many societies, health is considered a basic human right, but as a global community, we have yet to figure out how to guarantee health for all people. The solution to this problem is confounded by issues including social disparity, financial inequality, political instability, bureaucratic impediments, sustainable technology, and funding for research and project implementation. A cooperative and interdisciplinary approach is the norm in addressing issues of public health in the professional world. Oglethorpe’s Public Health Concentration introduces students to the professional landscape associated with global public health and samples from a potential career trajectory that aligns with the interdisciplinary fluency, the collaborative sensibility and the foundational skill sets developed by students attending a liberal arts college. Upon completion of this program students will:

  • Acquire interdisciplinary knowledge about communication, human cultures and the physical and natural world as it relates to individual and population health.
  • Practice integrated and applied learning through the synthesis of generalized and specialized studies
  • Develop a sense of personal and social responsibility for issues in public health that are anchored through interactions with current practitioners of Public Health and via active, hands-on involvement with real-world challenges, in internships and/or independent studies.
  • Explore a potential career path that is well-supported by a liberal arts education and develop a relevant network of mentors and professional contacts.